adding site to win2003 active directory domain



1. all operating systems are win2003, exchange2003, and XP.
2. single domain

Half of the office is relocating to another state as part of our disaster
I will have 1 site with 2 domain controllers and 30 workstations and
printers total

I am adding a new site in another state connected via T3 and a vpn tunnel.
It will have 2 domain controllers and 20 workstations and printers total.

I am using a subnet of
I want all users to have full access to each site.

Can I just use the same subnet at both locations? All computers have fixed
In active directory Sites and services, should I make 2 sites on the same
subnet or should they be on different subnets?
Is there a good article I can read on what I am trying to do?


Phillip Windell

JayJay said:
Can I just use the same subnet at both locations?

Sites are identified using the subnet and membership of a Site is determined
by the Subnet of the member.

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