adding records to customers order



I am hopping someone can help me....

I am looking for a code or how to code

What I have is the following tables
order details

the relational links are as follows

customer to orders 1 to many [ customerID] to [ customerID]
orders to order details 1to many [order id] to [order id]
order details to products 1 to many [productsID] to [products ID]

right now i have a combo box in the sub order form called product that adds
the product to the order

what i would like to do is get rid of the combo box

and pull up the product form (listing all the products with a pic of the
and enter the quantity that the customer wants and have it add it to the
customers order and then be able to save it for future reference

This shouldnt be to hard but iam new at this and am not sure how to
accomplish this

Can someone please help me on how to do this or were i can go to get the


Jeanette Cunningham

Have a look at this sample database for some ideas.

the sample is written to show how to enter text in calculated controls -
this is not the bit you want. The whole thing is shown on a simple sales
order database with some great ideas to copy.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

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