Adding new domain controller


David O.

I am having a problem adding a new domain controller to
the domain. Every time I run dcpromo, select to add the
server as an additional domain contoller, add the
username, password, and domain account that is suppose to
have permission to add domain controllers I get an error
message that says:

The operation failed because: Failed to modify the
necessary properties for the machine account <new DC name
"Access is denied."

I have added the administrator account and domain groups
Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins that I am using to the
Default Domain Controllers Policy under User Rights
Assignment and Access this computer from the network.

Any ideas?


Jim Singh

Your DNS configuration for the preffered dns should be the DC you are trying
to join to.


David O.

All of the DNS settings were correct, but I did find this
KBA: 232070

The DC needs a reboot first, I will have to do it in the
next maintenance window.

Thanks for your help though Jim.


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