Prevent some Domain Admin Account from creating USERS, Groups, OUs



How Can I PREVENT some specific Domain Admin Accounts from creating
User Account, Security Groups, OUs and modifying those object

These Domain Admin Account handle administrative tasks over Domain
Controllers Servers such as: Install/Uninstall Software, Add Server
Roles, Promote New Domain Controller, Configure AD Replication, DNS
Configuration, DHCP Configuration, Manage Event Viewer,
TroubleShooting related Tasks, Restart Services,etc... As far as I
know the only way they can do all those things in a domain Controller
Server is making those Users Account Domain Admins....

Im almost sure that the "Delegate Control" Concept doesnt work in this
case, please correct me if Im wrong....

I Tried Restrict loading of Active Directory Users & Computers snap-
in into MMC.... but the users already know how to manage Users or
Groups using Command - Line Tools or Scripts....

I Tried removing those Account from Domain Admins Group.... I created
a group where I place all of those user accounts, then I placed these
group as member of other Built In Security Group Such as: DHCP
Administrators, DNS Administrators, Server Operators, Network
Configuration Operators, etc.... I Also gave most of the Privileges
that Domain Admin Group Has... and yes.. I prevented these users from
managing Users, Groups or OUs.. but that also I prevented these users
from Installing/Uninstalling software, Restarting Services, Adding
Roles, they couldnt handle AD Replication, etc.... So at the end it
didnt work the way I wanted....

And finally I tried to place these accounts in two Security Groups:
Domain Admins and a group called "LEVEL1". Using ADUC Permissions TAB,
I configure "LEVEL1" group with DENY permisiions over USER, GROUP an
OUs Objects... hoping that "the most restrictive permission would
apply"... but sadly... it didnt work neither....

So I really hope you can guide how to achieve this goal.



Meinolf Weber

Hello (e-mail address removed),

see the other posting

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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Jorge de Almeida Pinto [MVP - DS]

DAs can do anything and there is NOTHING to prevent it

for some of the tasks you can delegate it, for some you can't and some you

Working with DENY permissions on objects for DAs does not work

either someone is a DA or isn't.

If that person is a DA everything is possible. if that person is not a DA or
shouldn't be, delegate. Don't handover trusted tasks to non-DAs like
installing software on DCs or installing DCs or stuff like that

also see:



# Jorge de Almeida Pinto # MVP Windows Server - Directory Services


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