added new ou with same group policy



Hi all,
I am in the process of adding a new ou that contains all
of my users. Presently they are all under the default
user ou. I have a group policy running at the domain
level and want to change it to run only on the new ou for
my users. I added the group policy under the new ou and
it is still under the domain level also. I moved one of
my users to the new ou and everything seems to be working
except the screensaver. In both the group policies I
have a assigned logon.scr exe screensaver that should ask
for the network password when the screesaver activates.
The screensaver activates but it does not ask for the
users newtwork password it just goes to the desktop.
I looked at both gp and they are the same.
Any ideas why it doesn't ask for the password.



Steven Umbach

Make sure that setting is not configured at a higher priority level in the
domain if there is one. You can use gpresult while logged on as a user in that
OU to see what policies are being applied and gpresult /u /v will show a lot of
the registry settings being applied to the user which may be helpful. --- Steve

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