Add/Remove items in "NEW" in Context Menus



Is there a way to configure the 'New' option in the context menu?

I have about 12 items listed in there (ex Text Document, Flash Movie, Bitmap
Image). I would like to remove the ones that I don't use and add some that
I do.

I have tried a program called ShellNEW, but it doesn't seem to work
correctly with XP. It actually shows ALL of the file extensions rather than
just those in the context menu.

I found the registry entry where these are stored, but don't know how to add
them. I assume I could just delete the entry for the ones that I don't
want, but I was wondering if there is a free proggie out there that will
make life simpler.



Jason Haynes

TweakUI makes it painless from its templates option. You can easily add and
remove entries from the list.

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