Can't add .html to Explorer's New context menu



Does anyone know why it's not possible to add .html to the Explorer
new-file context menu?

I tried it using the recommended method of adding a ShellNew key to
HKCR/.html and adding an empty NullFile string value below that. No
dice. I also tried setting a FileName value to the name of a template
file in the All Users templates directory. That also failed.

I then tried it in TweakUI. TweakUI shows "HTML File" in its menu,
with the checkbox checked. Unchecking and rechecking the box has no
effect on the menu. It only causes ShellNew to change to ShellNew-
when unchecked.

No problem with other filetypes, such as .java.

What's special about .html?

Wesley Vogel

Try using .HTM

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User



Thanks for your help, but I just tried .htm and couldn't get that to
work either. Same symptoms -- shows up normally in TweakUI but not in
the context menu. I thought perhaps it's a three-character vs four
extension length issue, but .htm doesn't work, while .java does.

I have four browsers installed: IE 6, Firefox, Mozilla, and Opera 9.


A simple method that worked for me was to just manually create a .html file
in notepad that included the code that I wanted to be in every new file and I
saved it in an out-of-the-way folder. Then in the Templates section of
TweakUI, I clicked "Create" and browsed to the file that I just created.

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