Add or Remove Programs not working properly


Don Sepanski

Today when I went to the "Control Panel" to use "Add or Remove Programs", I
found that most of the programs shown did not display the "Size"
information. All they showed was the name of the program.

And when I would highlight the programs, only those that had showed the
"Size"of the programs displayed the "Change/Remove" button. The rest only
showed the name of the program and "Used" and "rarely".

Why don't all the programs allow me to "Change/Remove" them.

Don Sepanski

ps: I have looked through past messages as far back as 08/11 and did not
find any other messages that had this problem.


An example of a well know Program not showing correctly would be?

The size shown is not to be relied on

Don Sepanski

Thanks for the link. I tried step 1 & 2.

1. Click Start, click Run, and then type CMD.
2. At the prompt, type REGSVR32 APPWIZ.CPL.

It didnt work.

I did not go to the registry as suggested starting with step 3.

Don Sepanski

I'm not quite sure how "well known" these programs are, but they are a few
of the ones that do not have the "Change/Remove" button

Corel Paint Shop Pro 9
DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2007
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008
Quicken 2008
Windows Defender
Word Perfect Office 12

I'm not too concerned about the "size shown"

I'm more concerned that I can't "Change/Remove" them or others.



Try reinstalling one of them and see if you can then uninstall it.
To the OP:
I don't know if this will help for sure, but it has helped me a lot a
few times in the last year or so. Try Add/Remove Pro v. 2.09 from . Click the "Freeware" item in the
left menu.
I can not vouch for any of their other offerings and have no
experience with them, but Add/Remove Pro does a few things that MS
should have done all along and is a good tool IMO.
Use it sensibly - not for the newbie and use its backup abilities just
to be safest. Oh; and it's freeware.



Don Sepanski

Well, I'd rather not just re-install any of them. And besides, I'm guessing
(pretty sure) that it would then allow me to uninstall it. All of the latest
programs or updates I installed recently are shown as being able to be
removed. As an example, I bought a new digital camera and all the programs
that came with it are available to be uninstalled via Add Remove Programs.
As are several others that I have installed within the past few months.

If it will really help to determine what to try next I'll re-install one of


Don Sepanski

Thanks for this tip. I did find something about this by searching in the
Microsoft site, but the instructions stated that if it found any files that
were different from the ones that came with Windows it would replace them.
I'm a little nervous about this. Not sure what might happen to the rest of
my programs.

If you really think it won't cause problems with any other software, or my
system, I'll run this.


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