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I have Office 2007 installed under XP SP3
I opened up a sample Excel spreadsheet from AppDev. This modified my Excel
so that everytime I open Excel the Add-Ins tab is displayed and when I click
on that tab, I see "Go To Product. If I click on this, it tries to open the
original file from AppDev.
I deleted my Excel.exe and some other files, forcing Excel to be reinstalled
(repaired) but still have this funky Add-Ins tab with Go To Product as the
only option in the Ribbon.
I tried using a program that allows you to modify your Ribbons but that has
not been a solution either.
I'm thinking that there is an external file that Excel uses to configure the
menu bar and the associated Ribbon but, I am so far stumped as to which file
I need to repair to get my Excel.exe back to the default settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Click on Office Button->Excel Options->Add-Ins-> 'Manage Add-Ins' Go

Remove the check box against the AppDev OK.

Add-In tab will be there as long as you have at least one add-in (listed
under of Excel Options.... active application add-ins in the ADD-Ins
tab...It will go away if you uncheck all add-ins,

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