Add From Outlook



Hello All,
I am trying to RunCommand - AddFromOutlook in a macro. (similar method to
the sample database from MS) When I run the Macro an error states the command
is not available.
Is there a toggle I have to set or some code to enable this function?



I am experiencing this same problem. I have also tried to copy the function
from the template with no success.
Since you posted have you discovered how to fix this?


Hello back,

Unfortunately, No. I did not recieve any hits on it either.
I do know they successfully do it in the sample contact database which can
be downloaded, but when I copy and paste the form it doesn't work in my
database, and If I use the sample database as the base program, I loose the
function if I modify the form. So for now I have moved on to other things.

Good luck to you, please let me know if you figure this one out.

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