access 2007 add contacts from outlook




I created a contact management DB using 2003, then upgraded it to 2007. The
2007 version has a contact management template that has a handy macro which
allows you to add contacts from outlook which I copied and pasted into my
similar form. Works great in the template I downloaded, however once I put
the button in my DB it doesn't work - the macro has remained in tact and I
can see no links to DB-specific objects. I tried to create a new button with
the same macro codes and still nothing. The macro is as follows:

RunCommand: AddFromOutlook

Pretty simple, but I get the error "The command or action "AddFromOutlook"
isn't available right now".

Why oh why is this button not working for me?!?!?

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

I would expect the command to read:

DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdAddFromOutlook

If indeed yours reads:

RunCommand: AddFromOutlook

It wouldn't run.


I put that command into the VBA code for the button and get runtime error
2046: The command or action 'AddFromOutlook' isn't available now.

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