Splitting Contacts Management Database

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I've successfully split the contact management template (adapted) on a shared
drive, but the AddfromOutlook macro no longer seems to be working. I can't
seem to navigate beyond the nominal argument in the macro builder to the VBA
code. Can this be modified somehow to accomodate the split database? If so,
then how?

Pete D.

There isn't any VBA code. I'm pasting info below on using this feature from
a previous question. As this is the first question I've seen on splitting
it, it is a good one. Might post back with specifics on it if you get it
working as all can learn from it. I don't think it will be that hard but
I've only played with it in un-split file. Pete

This new 2007 feature is not very well documented although it is actually
rather easy to do as long as you know the rules. It also works with MS
Share Point and knowing this you can now find some info on using it. Both
VBA RunCommand acCmdAddFromOutlook and acCmdSaveAsOutlookContact or the
runcommand macro provides the ability. The Blog link below provides info on
how it works and the link Steps to make it work provides pictures and steps
to follow. First time I tried it in my new empty data file I received the
same read only and previous version error however using the MS template
didn't produce the error. The key to the whole process is making sure
Access knows how to map fields in your table to those in Outlook contacts.
Anyway, I'm no expert on it but have it working just fine. I think for now,
I'll stick with my old VBA code which provides me more flexibility but for a
quick import/export on a button this new feature works okay. Pete D.

You may find these useful to solve your problem.

This link is translated from Spanish through Google. Steps to make it work.

Access Team Blog

Integrating Access Contacts with Outlook and SharePoint



Thanks for the help Pete. I'll post again if I get it working...

By the way, the splitting function is incredibly easy to use and seems to be
working well so far, save for this SNAFU.


I tried using the command in VBA and read a little more about this. It
appears that the AddfromOutlook and SaveasOutlook commands don't work when
the tables aren't on the local drive (i.e. split database). Considering I was
hoping to have a networked database where everyone's contacts are housed,
does anyone know a way around this?

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