Add button to QAT in only one document



Word 2007

Is it possible to add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar such that
that button will appear in only the document currently open? In the
dropdown list for "Customize Quick Access Toolbar", the only choice is
"For all documents (default)". (Is this something that an
administrator might have set?)


Graham Mayor

Did you have the document open when you attempted to customize the QAT?

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Did you have the document open when you attempted to customize the QAT?

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No answer ever came through on this thread, but I am hoping for help on the
topic myself, and then some! My situation is as follows:

I use custom created templates (.dot files) for various document types that
I create. The templates incorporate various "styles" of text/formatting, etc.
In some of those templates, I also have macros that are specific to only that
template, and the macro vb module is actually saved to the template document
(not to my I would like to add a link to those macros that only
opens when I am using a document that is based on that template.

Additionally, All of my templates previously had custom toolbars
incorporated where I could format text to a certain "style" with a click of
the button on the toolbar (only the most common ones were put on the
toolbar). I have lost that feature with 2007... I assume my only option is
to add those styles to the QAT, is that right? Again, those would need to be
unique options on the QAT only when I'm using a specific template.

Bottom line is, when I have one of my documents (based on a custom template)
open, it doesn't give me the option of customizing the QAT for that specific
document. I've also tried opening the template, but first, it opens as "READ
ONLY" every time, and it also doesn't give me the option to custimize the QAT
for that document only.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Oct 11, 2011
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i notice this problem with .doc files. when i save as .docx, i'm able to set qat buttons for just that document alone. hope this helps!

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