ActiveX controls will not install under normal user



I have the following problem:
We are testing on a XP SP2 with the IE 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2. I have
several vendor ActiveX controls that will not download/install under a
normal domain user. Once the user is a power user, they will be
prompted to download and install the ActiveX controls fine. The site
that the ActiveX Controls are being installed from is in the local
intranet and has been placed in the Trusted Sites list. I have set all
ActiveX Security Settings in Internet Options\Trusted Sites to
Enable....that's right even the Unsigned and Marked not as Safe and
still no install completes or prompts...just a script error shows, but
as I have said all of this runs fine if the user is a Power User. Any
info will be great. Thanks.




Go install directx in microsoft and should take care of your problem . I did
and works great


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