ActiveX component can't create object


Mark A. Sam

I have an MS Access2002 app that I imported into Access 2007. It was
running fine for a couple of weeks, then suddenly I get this error:

ActiveX component can't create object

when it executes this line of code.

Set olookApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

I checked my references, and they are ok, and the app compiles ok.

Thanks for any help and God Bless,

Mark A. Sam

Douglas J. Steele

Are you sure Outlook is installed properly on the machine?

FWIW, CreateObject doesn't require references: it's how you'd instantiate
the object in Late Binding.

Mark A. Sam


Yes it is installed. In fact I have been running this for years. Recenlty
I reinstalled Windows, installed Office2002, then Office2007, then
uninstalled Office2002, becuase Access2003 was rendered unusuable. I move
this app into an .accdb type database and it was working smoothly until
yesterday. This is an error that use to come up occasionally in either
database, but clear up when I closed and opened the database. Now I can't
run it at all without the error and I need to run the procedure.

God Bless,



sue mosher suggested Set olookApp =
CreateObject("Outlook.Application","localhost") to me and it worked

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