ActiveX component can't create object Access2003


bob engler

I have a VBA module running OK under Access2002 but am trying
to also run it on Access2003 on a new laptop XP Pro SP2 all updates
installed. The 'ActiveX component can't create object' Run-time error
'429' fails at the beginning at 'Set RS = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(
"test", dbOpenDynaSet)'. The references set are the same as in the
Access2002 except later versions: VB for Appl, MS Access 11.0 Object Lib,
OLE Automation, MS ActiveX Data Objects 2.1 Lib, MS HTML Object Lib.,
MS DAO 3.6 Object Lib.

The other thing that is different is when the mdb first comes up, it gives a
security warning 'Unsafe expressions are not blocked' I answer 'No' to the
blocking question. It then gives a window about making sure the MS Jet 4.0
is installed. I tried to load the MS Jet SP8 but it said my XP SP was of
date so didn't need it. The VBA module is executed on demand under the VBA
screen as it is still in development. Is there something new that needs to
be set
with Access2003.


Douglas J. Steele

How have you declared RS? Since you're using DAO, it's important that you
declare it as a DAO recordset:

Dim RS As DAO.Recordset

If you omit the DAO. disambiguation, and only have Dim RS As Recordset,
you're going to get an ADO recordset, which is incompatible with the
CurrentDb.OpenRecordset method.

bob engler

I have it set that way. It doesn't have the problem in Access2002 and they
are both
using VB 6.3. The only thing I see different is in the Sys info MS Office
Summary. For DB Name, DBpath, DBsize, DB Create date and Jet version it has
'Not Available' whereas the Access2002 has all the correct info there. I am
the system info from the 'About' from the VB 'Help' from the open module and
the VB from the open DB under 'Tools' 'Macro' after opening my DB and
looking at all
the tables which are the same as on the Access2002 machine.

Is there something I haven't setup correctly since this was a new install of
that came with the computer I just received? The Access2002 works fine but I
that several years ago.


Douglas J. Steele

I'm unaware of anything special that needs to be done.

Perhaps you should try reinstalling Access 2003.

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