ACK! FrontPage deleted my forum.



I created a forum (not using FrontPage). Then I went to FrontPage to edit the
underlying site. When I hit "publish" and attempted to publish to ftp:, it
prompted me-- did I want to delete all the forum pages? They were on the
destination server, but not in my web. I clicked "no." About a hundred times.
There were so many prompts, over and over, that I eventually hit "cancel" and
gave up, figuring I'd have to find another way.

Well, despite my clicking "no," it deleted my forum!

Two questions: how can I make sure this never happens again, and how do I
override FrontPage's function that checks what's on the destination server? I
don't want it to check.



Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

Put the Forum in a subweb and don't publish to the subweb with FP...this is
the safest way.




Create a folder on your local copy with the same name as that your online
Forum lives in. Right click the folder and choose "Convert to Web"
In Publishing Properties, clear the checkbox that says "Include Sub Sites".

FrontPage will ignore this folder, and the corresponding folder on the

How you get to Publishing Properties depends on which version of FrontPage
you have - it's on the same dialogue, possibly a different tab, where you
type in the server name.
In FrontPage 2003, Click Remote Web Site, then click Remote Web Site
Properties, then use the Publishing Tab.

Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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