Acer Aspire 1640 Laptop Upgrade



Just updated an Acer Aspire 1644 laptop from Windows XP. The installation
went smoothly, nothing was lost or messed up. But I noticed that the fan on
the CPU was running constantly. As I had read a number of posts before the
install I recognized that the CPU was running at 100% (verified in Task

So, based on th posts I stopped indexing. It made no difference and I
suspect it makes no difference on any computer. And Vista ran slower than a
snail. Doing more research came up blank, just a lot of people claiming flaws
in Vista.

My conclusion was that some software left over from XP was the culprit.
Carefully watching the task manager sorted by CPU usage uncovered an Acer
utility called eManager was the CPU hog. I stopped it in the task manager and
the laptop showed CPU usage similar to its XP days. I went to the Service
Manage and stopped and diabled all the ACER services. I went into the
registry RUN sections (local and machine) and deleted the startup for ACER
utilities. A simpler solution for users uncomfortable with this approach
would be to simply uninstall the ACER utilities)

Now the system is just as responsive as it was in XP and the CPU fan only
comes on when usage approaches 100%. I also changed the Performance
characteristics from Balanced to Performance though I did not notice a
difference in performance.

Oh, I turned indexing back on.

Now if I could only improve my performance index from 2 to ...

Michele Di Maria

same problem on my Acer ASPIRE 1620... what did I do? I just opened the
laptop, I opened the cpu "box" where the air flows from outside to the
processor "wings", and I cleaed it all. Was really full of dust which was
blocking the air from cooling the processor...
It is quite an easy operation, you don't need to take off your processor,
just open the box which contains the fan and clean it, about 30 minutes of
work considering everything.

After this the fan was not working so hard, even with the cpu running at


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