Account disabled on single account laptop



Good morning everyone,

I have a toshiba laptop running XP. After boot up, I am prompted for
my password for my account. After I enter my password, it starts to
load my personal settings and then I get a User Environment dialog box
that displays for 30 seconds. The text says

"Windows cannot load the user's profile but has logged you on with the
default profile for the system.

DETAIL - Logon failure: account currently disabled."

If I click the "ok" button, I get a blank error dialog box with an "ok"
button. If you click on that, it just prompts for the user password
again, and the cycle starts over. (the same thing happens if i just let
the 30 seconds run out).

This user's account is the default account (so she says) and there
aren't anymore accounts that we can use to try and login.

Any ideas other than reformating?


You don't need reinstall your windows just for this cause. Try this:

1. If you have Windows XP Professional, then at Logon Screen (when you asked
to enter password), press CTRL+ALT+DEL key twice. This will change the logon
screen and will ask you to enter User Name and Password. In User name type
Administrator and leave the password blank (or enter the password, which has
been used at the time of Windows XP installation but mostly blank. You can
ask the person who had installed Windows XP).
2. Once you log on with Administrator account then goto Control Panel and
create a new user. Then copy your data from old profile to new one.

Read this:

If you Windows XP Home Edition, then still you can do all the above tasks.
Just restart your PC and repeatively press F8 key (1 sec. interval) to bring
the Startup Menu of Windows XP and then choose Save Mode. Once Windows load
you will see Administrator account on logon screen.

Hope this help, let us know!
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Thank you for your suggestions! However, I tried them and it still
doesn't work. I even tried creating a brand new user, and I still get
the same error when I log on in normal mode (account is disabled). Any
other ideas? BTW, this is XP home.

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