Accessing Public Folders



Hi all,

One of our users who is located in another office location is trying to
access information in public folders via OWA. She keeps getting the message
that "access is denied because the security settings..." Here are details of
our set up.

User having difficulty is using OWA 2000 and her account is set up on an
Exchange 2000 server. The public folders are set up on an Exchange 2003
server. Using Outlook 2002 client she has no issue. Are the Exchange servers
not talking with each other/authenicating security over the webmail? Does
anyone have an idea as to what we need to change in order to make this
functionality work? Any help is greatly appreciated.



You will probably get a faster and more expert answer if you post in an
Exchange news group. would be a good place
to start. OWA is a part of Exchange, not Outlook, a common misperception.

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