Access Access2003 - Find matches in un-related tables

Sep 19, 2005
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Hi Gurus,
We have a main database with thousands of records, The unique key field is a code that has the structure aa/nn/nnn/a. Another database has been started ages ago that contains some of the same data, including the same reference number. This has been created completely separately with no regard to linking, however we now realise the mistake and want to link the two - use the main DB, remove the duplicate fields and link the three extra fields to it. Obviously as they are separate MDB files these are unrelated in a DB relationships sense. So we need to be able to identify the joining reference. The problem we have is some of the references have been entered without the '/' dividing the components - giving us aannnnna.
So searching for matches doesn't bring up all matches. Therefore a search and replace process is required.
Easy peasy? Not so! I cannot find a way of writing the query that does the initial matching search. I want to write current non-matches to a new table, clean that data, and then see what still doesn't match. I am sure this should be simple but I cannot find a way to do it. Help!


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