Access won't release from memory on Tablet PC


Phil Bickler

I have installed Access 2000 on a new Fujitsu Tablet PC
running XP Tablet edition. While Access works fine, when
you exit the program, Windows is not releasing it from
memory. If I open and close Access 3 times, if I
CTRL+ALT+DEL and check System Processes, MSACCESS.EXE has
three instances running in memory. This does not happen
with any other Office program, just Access. Any ideas?

Pavel Romashkin

I have experienced this same exact problem on a Toshiba tablet PC. The
only thing in MS knowledgebase I found that remotely resembles the
problem is this:;en-us;827220
It says not to use the patch unless you have "that specific problem".
However, the problem is described as "programs behaving erratically" -
just about anything fits in.
On our tablet, new process never even starts for Access. Basically you
open a DB, and once you close it (which *seems* to happen), I can't open
another db becasue the existing instance of Access (which does not have
a GUI) picks up the new DB. I have to kill the Acces process in task
manager before I can open another database.
I am waiting for a patch.


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