Tablet PC / Access 2003 and Capturing Signatures



New to Tablet PC's and need to capture signatures to be stored in a
table on a per record basis.

Using XP SP3 
Office 2003 SP3, installed Tablet SDK 1.7

I can find the InkEdit and InkPicture control and put it on the

InkEdit can data bind to an OLE Object field, InkPicture can not (by
using the control properties box)

When running the form the InkEdit converts the pen stroke and
interprets it to characters.

Of course what I need is to save the pen stroke as a graphic in the

Can anyone help?

Thanks In Advance.

PS: I can't seem to find any "clear" info on this. Is this outdated?
And, perhaps standard in later versions of Access?

I still need to do this in Access 2003, because of client

a a r o n _ k e m p f

I think that I could do this.. let me dust off the tablet and see if I
can get it to work

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