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Nov 28, 2017
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I am trying to export a form to pdf for an active record and I want it to save the pdf with the tracking number. ( i.e, \\corpdata\Finance\Vendor Invoices\Temp\770579127745.pdf)

. "\\corpdata\Finance\VendorInvoices\temp\" & forms!FEDEX_Bill_forPDF_VendorBill![Shipment Tracking Number] & ".pdf" in output file in export with formatting in a macro gets: "dude you're a dumb @#$" (Microsoft Access can't save the output data to the file you've selected). I have rights (can add / delete / modify) and it is an empty folder so I am not creating a duplicate. I have been able to save to both the local drive and corpdata (lan) locations if I hard code the output file (like \\corpdata\Finance\Vendor Invoices\temp\123456.pdf ) . I have also tried "\\corpdata\Finance\Vendor Invoices\temp\" & forms![FEDEX_Bill_forPDF_VendorBill]![Shipment Tracking Number] & ".pdf"

Thank you for being a great resource.


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