Access using Oracle ODBC linked tables-Split for multi users/bldgs


Linda B

I am not a true techie - just a pseudo with a few skills in Access. But
since I know more than most in my dept I have been tasked with this
assignment and now have to manage a certain database in our organization.
Some users have Access 2000/2003 and some users have Access 2007. FYI

We have a database, currently totally in Access 2003. The refreshed database
tables are downloaded nightly from a third party (this third party collects
the data). They currently send in Access .mdb format; however, we are
converting to Oracle to house the tables so the third party is now sending in
csv format and we have successfully loaded into Oracle. We still plan to use
Access as a front end for our users since everybody has this application
already -- and use ODBC links to Oracle.

In a few months time, we will have seven *centers*, each with 2-3 users
(distributed geographically in same complex- just different buildings) who
need to view the data. They will not be updating the information back to the
tables; however, they will need access to forms, reports, macros and possibly
(?) create their own select queries. I am currently the only person creating
reports for all users.

I was thinking that each center have its own front end in their particular
network folder (because they have slightly different needs) all linking to
the Oracle database tables. Or, I can give each user his/her own front end.
But was hoping to cut down on the maintenance... Most reports will be
similar for all centers but there will be some that will be individualized
per center. Whether I build them or someone in the center builds them is
another consideration. I would have permissions to each center's network
folder for maintenance.

I'm reading all the posts on "splitting" the database (currently it is
intact) but now with the tables moving to Oracle I'm wondering what is the
best method? Isn't this already split using Oracle?

We also have sharepoint, but not sure this is the way to go. Each center
will have its own folder in our Sharepoint site. Management likes the idea
of using sharepoint but I'm not convinced that this is the solution for this
particular case. And truly, up until now, I've never used sharepoint...

It's a bit confusing - especially for a novice.

I apologize in advance if this has been addressed in a previous post. Am I
on the right track? Any words of wisdom?

Thanks - any suggestions appreciated!


Douglas J. Steele

Yes, since your data is in Oracle, your application is already split.
However, each user should have his/her own copy of the front-end database,
ideally on his/her hard drive.

To simplify the redistribution of the front-ends as they change, see the
free Auto FE Updater Tony Toews has at

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