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Each time I try to download a template for ACCESS 07 I get the following
message: "SQL Distribution management Objects (SQL-DMO) must be on the
machine running microsoft office access" I have uninstalled and reinstalled
Office 07, I have recently restored my PC to a time before the first
installation of Office 07. No change. All other application work and
templates download fine. I have found others with this issue but the only
solution has been to rebuild. Not a vailid option.
OS--Windows XP with SP2
Productivity--Office 2007


Are you doing a custom, quick or Full install?

Sometimes the custom / quick installs do not give you all of the
functionality you need. I always do a full install as I have had many issues
over the years when I don't. Good Luck!


Having the same problem myself. Did you manage to find a fix ?
(I have a full install)


Based on some reasearch - your problem might be your operating system.

SQL-DMO is a collection of objects that helps you to manage SQL Server
programmatically. SQL-DMO is a dual interface, in-process Component Object
Model (COM) server that is implemented as a DLL.

The SQL-DMO client requires one of the following operating systems:
• Microsoft Windows 2000
• Microsoft Windows NT version 4.0 (Service Pack 5 or later)
• Microsoft Windows 98 or Microsoft Windows 95
Additionally, the SQL-DMO client requires Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver,
version 3.80 or later that is included with SQL Server 2000.

For more information about system requirements for SQL-DMO, visit the
following Microsoft Web site:

Not sure if this helps at all. Good Luck.


It's possible but then it has worked for a long while up until now. I'm
guessing that if it was something to do with XP there would be alot more
reports of problems and probably a fix by now.
But thanks for the help anyway.

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