Access Runtime License


ChrisW (MCP)


One of our users has created an Access 2003 database and they want to have
other users be able to just view the data in the database. They believe that
they can just get the other users to install the Access 2003 Runtime to
enable this, but I think that you need to have the Developer Edition of
Access to be allow users to do this. This seems to have changed with Access
2007 though as there is no mention of needing the Developer Edition when
downloading the 2007 runtime.

Can anyone confirm how this works?


ChrisW (MCP)

Thanks for the reply - I know the Access 2007 runtime is free but will that
work with a 2003 database? I assumed it wouldnt. If not, then is there any
free and legal way we can get hold of the 2003 runtime?


Tony Toews [MVP]

John W. Vinson said:
It will, as a matter of fact.

If applicable see Jeff Conrad's page How do I get my existing legacy
menu bars and toolbars to work in Access 2007? Right now they all show
up on the Add-Ins tab.


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ChrisW (MCP)

Oh right, looks like that is the solution then :) We just deploy the 2007


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