Access Queries->fundamental data->modify ->Monthly-Report-Form in



I have to do monthly report form, due to the weakness of Report within Access
and the complexity of the monthly report form, the best way of achieving it
I’ve ever thought is:
1. To do some queries (for example one query for calculating one column in
the report form) needed for the report form (because the table the query
quoting is named as table_current, I only have to update table ,need not to
update query); approximately automatic
2.Running the queries one by one ,and copy all the result of the query into
the Excel sheet(temporary sheet), manually
3.According to the results of queries and the format of the report form
,write formulas or functions in blank fields quoting the results of queries ,
to generate another temporary sheet, automatic
4.Link the field in the report form with the respective field in the
temporary sheet, automatic

Though among the four steps there is only one step is manually, I still look
for better design, because for each column, it might need 2 queries, one is
interim, one is terminated. And to calculate one column in the excel sheet
,it might generate 5-10 temporary columns while using the result of the
query. And when the excel becomes large enough (for example ,it reaches 5Ms),
the speed for operating the sheet is intolerable.
I beg you to think it my way, and give suggestion on improving or a through
new way of achieving it ,thanks.




Maybe someone else will see this differently, but the way I see it you havent
really told us what you have or what you are really trying to do. You;ve
only discussed your chosen method.

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