Access mouse wheel does not scroll in datasheet view of table, Win


Peter Facey

I am aware of the issues with mouse wheel scrolling of forms. But those who
have posted about those invariably say that mouse wheel scrolling works in
datasheet view. For me it does not.

On Win XP Access 2003, if I opened a table in datasheet view it initially
would not scroll using the mouse wheel. But if one scrolled down a bit using
the righthand scroll bar, thereafter the mouse wheel worked to scroll the

I've just moved to Win 7 64-bit and have Access 2003 and 2007 installed. It
won't scroll a table in datasheet view using the mouse wheel with either
version. Mouse wheel scrolling works fine in all other applications,
including Excel.

If I get a file open dialog box up in Access (e.g. by saying I want to
import something), it will scroll the list of filenames, provided I click the
mouse wheel once to get it going. This trick doesn't work to scroll a table

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 with latest driver.

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