No Win 7 Mouse Wheel Scrolling


Ken H

I'm having a problem scrolling table rows in Access 2007 and 2003 with the
mouse wheel. If I scroll the wheel about as fast as possible it might scroll
one row in table view then nothing. Otherwise nothing scrolls with normal
wheel speed scrolling.

Mouse wheel scrolling is normal in database windows for tables, forms, etc.
and in modules. Wheel scroling is normal in other programs.

I have tried two mice(sp?), both MS wireless type, but different models.
Built some new datagrid views that I read are designed to allow wheel

Any registry setting, etc. I can check?


Ken H

It is working now. I switched Mouse Properties "Connected Device" setting
from MS Natural 6000 to Basic Optical Mouse v2.0 and normal mouse wheel
function retuned. It's still the same mouse, just switched to basic mode.

The other mouse that did wheel scroll correctly was a MS Wireless Notebook
Optical Mouse 4000.

Go figure.

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You could try checking:


Mine has a value of: 2

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