Access idb file


Erma Thompson

I have 3 users using the same Access database and this
problem has happened 3 times. Each of the 3 users have
logged into the database only once however a message
appears that one of the users has the database locked.
When I look at the .idb file for the database each of the
users names appear and may be in the file more than 1
time. I have users log out of access and the .idb file
does not go away as it should and the names remain in the
file even though all users have logged out. I have to
delete the .idb file for the users to be able to continue
to work in the database. What is causing this problem?
And what can I do to not have this happen again?

Thanks you
Erma Thompson

Joan Wild

All users need modify permissions on the folder where the mdb is. This is
so they can create/delete the ldb file. It sounds as though they don't have
delete permissions. Also, it is wise to split the database and put just the
backend (tables/relationships) on the server. Give each user a copy of the
frontend on their workstation. The frontend contains all the objects except
the tables and is linked to the backend.

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