Ensure all forms and table connections closed for BE app



I have almost gotten my fe switching to work correctly. However, I
apparently still have a table link open to the BE MDB. I have looped
through all forms and issued CLOSE commands for all forms.

When I attempt to copy the MDB file, to see if everything is
dosconnected, I get an "access denied" error.

Walking through startup code, I access a file to authenticate a user's
role, and I see the idb file present when I activate the code and the
idb file missing when I close the file. Once the User has been
autheniticated, I bring up another form which connects to two tables
and display varous information.

However, when I try to switch (First time), it will fail. All forms
have been closed and the idb file is still present. This causes the
"access denied" error and prevents the switching to occur.

Based on this, I am guessing that the system still thinks there is a
connection to the BD MDB. I am at a loss. Does anyone have some


MDB is a piece of shit application; you should be using SQL Server or
MSDE for housing ANY data; even if it is only a single record.

how many times has a laptop been left with a MDB file on it; and
someone gets passwords or credit card numbers because of it?

MDB is a piece of shit app and it shouldn't be used in the real world
for anything.

I highly reccomend Access Data Projects.

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