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Lost Administrator righs

Hi all
Could someone help me?
I have 2 accounts, one as administrator and another for guests.
As administrator i tried do deny access to my drive c: to the guets and i
did, no problems. I restarted the windows to start with guests account just
to see if worked the access to my drive c: and it did. My problems started
when i changed to my administrator account, i could not open my drive c: as
administrator. Looks like i lost administrator rights. Is that possible? and
worse i dont have any response from user accounts, i cant do anything in user
accounts. Any help?

Jimmy Brush


What specifically did you do to deny access to guests? Also, do you have a
Windows setup DVD?

- JB
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User

"Lost Administrator righs" <Lost Administrator
(e-mail address removed)> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...

Lost Administrator righs

Well, i went to the properties of the drive and then security and selected
guests account and tick it on deny. I cannot remember exactly how i did, i
might tick the wrong user.
I dont have a windows setup DVD.

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