Access crashes when switching from design to datasheet view



I am running Access 2000 on a system with Windows XP Professional. I
get a VERY specific problem I'm hoping someone recognizes, because MS's
error reporting isn't helping me any.

I will open a table in Datasheet view. Then I click on the Print
Preview button to see what the table would look like printed out. Then
I click on the button to change over to Design View. Once I make my
changes in the design, I click again on the same button to change to
Datasheet view, and the application crashes.

It does this consistently regardless of the table I have open, or the
database. I suspect it's a problem with Access. Any thoughts,

Danny J. Lesandrini

What version of Access. If Access 2000, then maybe you have a rogue
duplicate autonumber. Try doing a Find Duplicates query on the table,
looking for duplicate of the autonumber field, if the table has one. If
you didn't use an autonumber, but have a different unique index, try
running the duplicates query against that field.


Access 2000 is a piece of shit app
Windows XP is a piece of shit operating system

use Access Data Projects and you won't have to deal with unexplained
crashes and locking; you won't have to run around rebooting fileservers
every 5 mins


Watch the language, bub. This is a public forum where rules of decency

Data Projects is all fine and good if (1) you have experience in SQL
and/or (2) you have an IS/IT department to help you. But if you're one
person doing the best you can with what you've been given by higher
ups, trying to use Data Projects is like being told to build a dam on
the river to stop your basement from getting wet when it rains.

And if you don't like Access or Windows, I don't understand: why are
you're posting in this forum?



I was incorrect in my original post: I am running the database on
Access 2003, tho' it was rebuilt last in Access 2000.

I would suspect a rogue autonumbering problem, except I can recreate
the error in every table (regardless of whether the table has
autonumbering or is linked to another table with autonumbering) and in
other databases than the one I'm currently working on.

I suspect this is an issue with Access, and not with the database


rules of decency?

I dont need no stinkin rules of decency

a) i dont have an IS / IT dept to help me wiht sql
b) i _learned_ sql because of ADP - i convinced my boss 5 years ago to
let me use ADP instead of MDB because MDB had a limit on column count
today i make six figures as an OLAP DBA.
c) i dont dislike WINDOWS i dislike WINDOWS XP - frilly foo-foo crap
makes me sick
d) rogue autonumbering problem? MDB IS A PIECE OF CRAP stop making
excuses and start using a real database

i suspect it's an issue with MDB; it's not a problem with Access.

MDB is a total and utter waste of time.

or is that too risque for you lol


Honestly, Aaron, if you hate Access so much, why are you hanging around
an Access newsgroup and putting up angry posts that really don't answer
the OP's question?

That being said, let me directly respond to some of your comments:

| I dont need no stinkin rules of decency

Oh, I'll bet your LOADS of fun at restaurants, movie theaters and other
public places. These newsgroups are public places, too, and the general
rule of thumb is you behave here as you would in public.

| today i make six figures as an OLAP DBA.

Is this supposed to give credibility to your statement? How much a
person makes is not proof of how much a person knows about a
subject...take it from one who does not get paid to be a pastor.

| i dont dislike WINDOWS i dislike WINDOWS XP
| - frilly foo-foo crap makes me sick

That's fine - there's always a Linux distro with no GUI for hardcore
folks like you...and occasionally me.

| MDB IS A PIECE OF CRAP stop making excuses
| and start using a real database

Who's making excuses? And why are you attacking me for asking a simple
question about how to make a piece of software work?

When one is a contractor, one does not have the luxury of telling the
person or company that hired you that their database "is a piece of
crap" and to stop making excuses. "Ya dance with the one what brung ya"
is the old saying, and in my case I make the best argument I can for
redoing the database using a better application, but ultimately I use
what they give me, and make it work as best I can.

Yeah, I'm not a certified DBA, I'm just an amateur doing the best I can
for people I genuinely like and wants to see happy with the results of
their project. In the grand scheme of my current client (a rather
large, well-known university), my project is really small-potatoes, and
they won't put any money into it but they have to make it work - thus,
they use Access since they have the enterprise licence for it. And they
hire someone who knows only a smattering of VB but who puts his heart
and soul into it and can do more on the project than just write code
because the database is a part of a much larger process at the
university's School of Public Health where I work.
Dec 7, 2016
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I'm experiencing the same error with Access 2010, but because I have the luxury of installing the 32 & 64 bit version, I was able to notice that it happens only for the 64 bit version. Not sure if it will help, but I think it’s worth looking into it


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