Access control list error




With an NTL Cable connection, i am getting the Forbidden Access control list
error message when i open a browser window.
I have a legit NTL IP address, and can ping any WWW. address,
I can ipconfig release/renew OK
In the internetoptions/Connections/ LAN settings, there are no ticks in the
Automatically Detect settings, Use automatic Configuration Script, and Proxy
server Box's
Can some one help on this please.


Don Varnau

See: 316699- Access Denied By Access Control List Error Message When You
Open a Web Page:

But, that article was written for dial-up connections.
Try this;
Power down the cable modem and the computer for a few minutes.
Verify (again) that IE and network settings are as prescribed by the ISP.
Is there setup software from the ISP that you can reinstall?
(WinXP) You might try creating a new user account to see if that account has
the same problem.

Hope this helps,

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