Access 2007 .adp and SQL Server 2005 very slow



I have been an .adp user for years. I upgraded to SQL Server 2005 last year,
and while I could no longer make changes to my database using Access 2003, I
still was able to make fast updates to the data.

I recently upgrdaded to Access 2007, excited about full SQL Server 2005
support and I found the .adp support to be ridiculously slow... so much so
that it is unusuable.

Even very tables with minimal data (50 records) slow Access down to where I
have to wait several seconds every time I scroll up or down. Its as if the
data is constantly re-cachcing.

I have created .apd's from scratch in Access 2007, and have reinstalled
Access 2007. I am going to have to go back to Access 2003. Has anyone
else experienced this?




I also had that problem with SQL 2000.

I was working against this databse with 800 tables and a LARGE number
of custom datatypes
and it was unreasonable performance; even opening a small table.

I think that there were a TON of phantom sessions on that box; like I
found about 30 hung connections; I tried to convince everyone that we
should setup this dev box on a nightly bounce schedule; but they
looked at me like I didn't know WTF I was talking about.

I'm like-- it's a dev box, kids!

I moved the stuff I needed into a new database to deal with it


I was using Access 2003 also; sorry for not clarifying

I _LOVE_ adp..


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