Access 2005, Adp and SQL Server



this is the BEST FEATURE in ADP but Microsoft somehow describes it as a

Access Data Projects (ADPs)
An Access Data Project is an OLE document file, like the .xls or.doc
file formats. It contains forms, reports, macros, VBA modules, and a
connection string. All tables and queries are stored in SQL Server. The
ADP architecture was designed to create client-server applications.
Because of this, there is a limit to the number of records that Access
returns in any recordset. This limit is configurable, but you will
typically need to build a lot of filtering into your application to
avoid hitting the limit.

dipshits; someone in Redmond needs to start pushing ADP; ACCDB; Linked
tables.. 'local queries'

wtf are you talking about kids; friggin sellouts

ADP is 100 times simpler to manage




Why do you get so upset and display this behaviour on the forum? I am
just learning about SQL Server it's ability to interface with Access. I
would appreciate some intelligent, unemotional recommendations
regarding such. I called Microsoft and they were nice enough to send
me the link which I posted so others like myself, can investigate the
best choices.

I would appreciate some realistic reasons why you feel ADP would be the
better choice. Supported reasons that is. Frustrated name callings
don't really sway me or probably anyone else towards your obvious
goals. So, if you'd like, please feel free to address this issue in a
more suitable manner.




Because I've been using it every day for 7 years; and it's the best db

I am passionate about it; because someone needs to stick up for it.
People constantly spread mis-information about it.. and I've not read a
single advertisement from MS that says 'Use ADP'

I've got a laundry list of 20 bugs in ADP that Microsoft won't fix.

I got fired from Microsoft-- multiple times-- for complaining about
bugs in SQL and ADP.

I just know-- first hand-- that query analyzer is a better development
tool than Access MDB.
Too many times in MDB I have unexplained CRAP.
Too many times in MDB have I stacked queries on top of queries; just to
have it crap out.

it's ridiculous

If you have a properly designed MDB / Linked table much
code do you need to WRITE to change the database server?

I'm just not talking about Linked Table Manager.. I'm thiking about the
connection strings on SQL-passthru for example.

what.. do you expect every single person in the world to write similiar


I can change a connection in a single place.
If i want to bind a form to a sproc; I dont need to use DAO. I don't
need to do jack shit.. I can bind parameters from a sproc-- to form

Does Access MDB even support sprocs in SQL Server?
what if multiple people need to change a query at the same time?

What if a single user wants 2 versions of the frontend open at the same

MDB just flat out sucks balls.

I would rather take double-penetration; in the ass in prison -- than
sit around and let you lazy fat stupid MDB slobs to sit there; another
day-- and think that MDB is a viable solution. MDB is DED. DAO is DED.

ADP runs circles around you lat lazy retards that are still stuck in
the 90s.

And I would rather that SOMEONE reads my complaints.

The squeky wheels gets oiled, MOFO.

ADP Nationalist


and I mean seriously

where do people think that they NEED local tables?

what kindof marketing bullshit is that?

keeping all your tables and queries; views and sprocs-- in one place--
is the best FEATURE in Access Data Projects.

Local tables are for retards that are still stuck in the 90s.

ADP Nationalist


can you design a subquery in Access MDB?

I can in ADP without a problem.

Can you take PARAMETERS?

Can you reuse the same queries in Excel that you use in Access?

I can, using Access Data Projects.

with Access queries; you have a hodge-podge of VBA and internal
is it easy to write a query in Access and re-use it in a webpage?


MDB gets a ZERO on a scale of 1 to 10.
ADP is the most important technology to EVER come out of Redmond.

Simple bound entry and reporting.
Not 3-tier.
Not XML.

ADP is the simplest reporting platform ANYWHERE

ADP Nationalist

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