access 2003 import issue with VSS 6.0d

Aug 12, 2008
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I may have posted this in the wrong forum (I apologize for that) initially, so I am going to repost it here.


I have recently been handed the reigns to our VSS system due to the last guy over it leaving. Our development system has pretty much died and i've been tasked to reinstall VSS 6.0 and our access db into it on a new system.

I've installed the software, created the users, but I can't seem to get the project going in VSS due to being unable to figure out how to import the access files into it.

I have a backup of all the previous files and can import those, but the guy before me set it all up to use only his account and I am unable to unlock it so its manageable by more than 1 account and due to auditing purposes we can't keep modifying it in that account.

Can anybody give me some help as to how to import access 2003 files into vss 6.0d or how I can give sharing rights to more than the single user?

Thank you


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