Accepting Appointments Without Showing Busy



os: xpsp2; office 2k3sp3

if someone sends me an appointment invitation and i 'accept' it, it appears
on my calendar and marks that time for me as 'busy'. however, if i don't
accept the invitation, but just leave it in my inbox, the appointment still
is placed in my calendar, but not marked as busy. if, however, i then delete
that invitation from my inbox, the potential appointment is removed from my

i'd like to be able to accept an invitation without that time being marked
as 'busy'. so it's more of an acceptance of the appointment invitation for
informational purposes only.

any idea how i can do that? i believe that if i'm invited as an 'optional'
invitee, that'll do the trick. but is there any other way?








When two others in our office add appointments an email comes to me asking if
I accept or decline it. When I add a new appointment to my calendar, the
appointment goes directly to their calendar without an email to accept or
decline. We were using the Outlook and went to Beta - and they still send
emails - I don't see that option. I want to be able to send an email to
verify that they accepted the appointment onto the calendar.

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