accdb - Collect Data via Email functionality in an adp



Hi All,

In Access 2007 the accdb supports a feature Collect Data via Email which
dynamically creates an html form in an outlook email message from which the
response automatically updates the database.

I could see plenty of use for this functionality in my own ADP application.
I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that it uses InfoPath somehow. Does anyone
have any thoughts on how, or examples of, a similar type of functionality
being implemented in an adp or mdb?


Sylvain Lafontaine

You are not obligated to use Infopath, you can use HTML formatted emails.
The following article gives you a full explanation:

In the case of ADP, I don't know if it's compatible but even if it's not, I
suppose that you could use an accdb file with linked tables to the
sql-server instead.

Personally and excerpt for simple cases (like a few questions with easy
answers), my first impression is that this feature is probably too limited
to be really useful for most cases of data collecting. However, nothing
forbid you to give it a try.


Hi Sylvain,

Good to hear from you again. Hope you had an enjoyable festive season.

Having briefly played with this accdb feature I agree with you that for
complex solutions data entry via email probably isn't appropriate.

However, as you also highlighted for simple yes/no type responses then it
could work well, and in fact that is exactly what I am looking to use it for.

Wish I had time to get into InfoPath. Personally I can't keep up with all
the technologies MS are releasing.

Thank you for your info will review the suggested link.

Your assistance appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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