A Week With NVIDIA's G-SYNC Monitor


Jan 31, 2005
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NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology has been the talk of the gaming world since it was announced at their Montreal event. While I was able to see it there first-hand, demos were held under strictly controlled conditions and the amount of actual face time with it was limited. Nonetheless, what I saw was impressive and, like many of you, I’ve been counting down the days until NVIDIA released supporting monitors into the wild so more users could experience what could very well be a watershed moment in gaming-oriented technology.

Unfortunately the widespread release of G-SYNC will only be in Q1 2014 but an early alpha-stage prototype monitor did land on my doorstep last week and, as you can tell by the near lack of content on Hardware Canucks since then, it has ruined my productivity. Simply put, I'm addicted.

There’s a lot to say about it but with the sample not being a final product and the underlying feature set still evolving, this article will represent a quick rundown of G-SYNC and my time with it. The actual review with a full technical overview will be forthcoming in the new year, once retail monitors become available.


Source: Hardware Canucks

I would very much like to get my hands on one of these.... :D



Feb 23, 2002
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This sounds like it's going to be worth getting - my current monitors, although beautiful for work are not as good as I'd like for gaming. Being able to make the most of high frame rates will be very welcome :).

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