A Webservice Platform for Transport Optimization



JOpt As a Service - Advanced Vehicle Routing Webservice Platform -

2009/01/11, Ulm, Germany - DNA has announced the release of JOpt.AAS.
JOpt.AAS is an online service hosted by DNA and exposes unique
advanced vehicle routing capabilities via standard HTTP/SOAP
interfaces. JOpt.AAS reduces the number of trucks in a fleet at the
same volume of jobs/deliveries and optimizes overall route times and
distance JOpt.AAS provides its optimization facilities through a
webservice that comes with a comfortable SOAP programming interface
Developers can obtain whitepapers as well as a sample client code for
VS 2005 and a free evaluation account at the following URL:

One cultural achievment that has evolved over the last decade is that
mankind nowadays has instant access to nearly any kind of information
over the web.

"We believe that it is a consequtive step to also open the internet
for what we call machine enabled internet services better known as web
services. Hence we decided to participate with this evolution and make
our robust and approved optimization engine available over the Web.
JOpt.AAS is a hosted solution where the underlying technology is our
flagship product JOpt.ASP",
Vincent Mayer says, Technical Product Manager at DNA.

JOpt.AAS can be used as a free trial platform to evaluate the
facilities of JOpt.ASP. Therefore DNA offers this service free of
charge together with a free evaluation kit that comes with various
samples and a comprehensive tutorial.The evaluation service is
restricted regarding
the problem space and timely availability. For professional users
JOpt.AAS can be used as a hosted solution for professional users or
service providers that want to imbedd advanced
optimization service into their own solution or market offering.

About DNA: DNA develops and sells flexible and ready-to-use
applications, .NET, Java & J2EE components as well as web services for
planning and optimization jobs to help customers to find the best
solutions for their business. DNA's software tools enable customers to
cope with complex problems and rapid decisioning. Software vendors or
IT service providers use DNA's software modules to complement and
enhance products or projects with innovative and special expertise
features such as automatic resource planning and route optimization,
GIS functions and enterprise integration components.

More information:

mailto:[email protected]

Pavel A.

Offtopic and marketing spam.
Otherwise ... bad news for truck drivers that are going
to be "optimized".


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