how to call same webservice with different parameters?



Hi ,

I have 2 questions:

Consider there is a web service called WERSERVICE_A and it has
3 parameters.

Is it possible that some clients call this webservice by using
2 parameters (ommitting the 3rd one) , and some others use 1 ,
and others use all 3.

2. is it possible to change the behaviour of the webservice at
run time, (without changing the web service code) Some years
ago , while i was developing java programs, i used design
patterns that provides similiar functionality in servlets . For
example multiple web pages can call the same "servlet" , and
they provide class names , then this servlet creates the
necessary business logic class. This way if i want to add a new
business logic, all i need to do this is to create a new
object . I am looking for the same functionality for web services.


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