A reasonable way to sync Outlook folders for two computers?

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Alexandre Heil Franca

Hi all!

I am trying to find an alternative way to synchronise my Outlook
(Contacts, Calendar, To Do, Notes) at home with the office one. I was
usual to do it using a Windows CE device, and it has always worked
fine. Now I don't have the handheld anymore, and can't find a way to
do it.
I would like to try doing it through email...

Any solution? (Free software would be nice!)


Alexandre Heil França


I'm been using OsaSync Pro for a good year now and I love it. It keeps
outlook at my laptop in sync with my home computer. You can use it on
a peer-to-peer network or with a server.

Take a look at www.vaita.com and try the basic version, even though I
recommend the pro version for syncing everything in outlook.


Alexandre Heil Franca

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your recommendation. But am not sure, if it solves my
problem. I have no Laptop and I am not able to connect to the network
in my office through "Microsoft Network", so I would need any kind a
"file synchronisation"...

I will try further, thanks again!


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