A question on decryption

Sep 26, 2015
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About a decade ago, I encrypted my files, however, nobody told me I needed a key or certificate to decrypt them outside of that installation. Since then, I have been living with the hope that one day, society will discover a way to decrypt such files.

The thing is, I have this question:

Many of the files are images which could be found on google decrypted. So I have two different files of the same image of Nijinsky dancer. One of them is encrypted, the other is not. IS there NO WAY to reconstruct the certificate or key by comparing the two files?

I don't have any programming knowledge (apart from some html, css, which are not real programming languages). But I simply wonder if this is possible. I would even start learning programming, if I knew there was a way to decrypt these.

Helpful replies most welcome.

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