RSACryptoServiceProvider Encrypt/Decrypt




I have a data has been encrypted by RSACryptoServiceProvider.
I know that this data has been encrypted by passing true in fOAEP paramenter
in Encrypt method.

Type: System..::.Boolean

true to perform direct RSA encryption using OAEP padding (only available on
a computer running Microsoft Windows XP or later); otherwise, false to use
PKCS#1 v1.5 padding.

As you see, true means that it is only available for XP or later.
I have private key, but I don't have source code to access this encryption

I need to access this encrypted data from our mobile solution which is .NET
Compact Framework 2.0.
In Decrypt method, of course, I need to pass same true value to the fOAEP
paramter in order to get the decrypted data, however, true can't be passed
since this is Pocket PC platform, which is Compact Framework 2.0...

Is there anyway I can get the decrypted data from CF 2.0?
Only one way I can think of is to create a web service/server component
whatever sitting on the desktop, then the PocketPC needs to get the decrypted
data from that service... However, if possible, I would like to avoid to
create extra layer...

Any idea?




Ginny Caughey MVP

As far as I know, since the data was encrypted using OAEP padding, which
isn't available on mobile devices, you won't be able to encrypt it on the
device. Your web service idea sounds like a reasonable approach to solving
the issue.

I don't know if there are any 3rd party encryption products that could
handle the OAEP padding on the device, but it might be worth a search.

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