Cerber ransomware?

Apr 13, 2016
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Hello! Can anyone help me with Cerber infection? Yesterday I got Cerber pop-up stating that my documents, photos, databases and other files have been encrypted. And in order to decrypt my files I must pay 1.24 BTC. Unfortunately I don’t have hard drive backups and also I don’t have any bitcoins to pay for decryption. Bleeping computer says that at this point there is no known way to decrypt a victim's encrypted files for free. (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/new...ly-encrypts-your-data-but-also-speaks-to-you/). I also tried manual removal instructions http://manual-removal.com/cerber/ but nothing happened and my files aren’t available.Maybe someone has encountered this problem and knows the way how to decrypt files for free?


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Mar 5, 2002
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err, if BC cannot help, sorry, only thing I can see is to reformat & start again ... you have just realised the importance of having an up-to-date backup, especially of important data. Sorry to state the obvious. :(

I never open emails, that's what me phone is for, I never keep important information on my PC, that's what pen-n-paper are for ... once again, sorry to hear you got caught by these scumbags, but there's not a lot, at the moment, one can do. If we find these people we are not allowed to shoot them, nor castrate them. :(


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