a program is trying to access email addresses you have stored in outlook.



I am the IT person for an office with about 100 users. Two
of my users this morning are exeperiencing this error when
they try and send a message. "a program is trying to
access email addresses you have stored in outlook. Do you
want to allow this?" I have looked and not found the fix
for this and done a search on this group for that message
in the text line with no responses. We are running a
Windows 2000 exchange server and Outlook 2002 SP3. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.


Sue Mosher said:

I don't have any of the addins listed in Sue's posted web page, but I do
get the same message when using ActiveSync with my Pocket PC, and when
posting from Outlook Newsreader/OE. If it's more than an occasional
problem there's a small, free program that can get around this. You can
download Express ClickYes here:
<http://www.express-soft.com/mailmate/clickyes.html>. It's a very small
program and doesn't need to be installed, just extract to any folder and
start the .exe or create a shortcut to it. It does only one thing and
does it very well, uses almost no resources and only needs to run when
you need it.

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

If you're getting a security prompt when ActiveSync runs, chances are you
have an old version of ActiveSync and need to get a newer one.


THank you. The problem was the Adobe acrobat PDFmaker was
in the list and it had a registry fix that repaired it.


I think I am having the same problem that you listed below.
---prompted to Allow Access when using a name from the Global Address
List, but I am not running any other devices such as pda, etc.

I tried to go to the link that Sue Mosher posted but the link no long

I have been having with PDFmaker, so that may be my problem. However,
I am not sure what list you are referring to and where you obtain the
registry fix to repair it.

Running Windows 2000 with Outlook XP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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