A play about the Indian IT industry



My name is Sathyaish. I am a software engineer.

Last year, i.e. in 2011, I wanted to do some theater. No one took me,
so I announced that I would start my own group. I wrote a script.
Then, I wrote a screen play from that. Now, I am almost ready to begin
the auditions.

The play will be a comedy with a sad undertone profiling the life (or
rather the lack) of programmers and how they are generally taken for
granted and treated poorly by people who should really have been
working in a bread making factory baking bread, or people who should
have been making biscuits or whatever, i.e. the non-technical people
in the software development industry who have become managers and
architects and what-not.

Here is a teaser:

I hope you like it. I'll be posting more stuff about this play on the
Web page at http://sathyaish.net/acting

The play will be performed at a theater in New Delhi, India.

The group that I am organizing to perform this play will rehearse only
over weekends so that they may keep their day jobs.

I expect that the auditions will run through April 2012. We will start
rehearsing in May 2012 and will carry on with the rehearsals for May,
June, July, August and September 2012 only over the weekends. We
should perform in the last week of September 2012 or some time in
October 2012.

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