Is Radeon 9600 Pro/XT powerfull enough to play FIFA/NBA 2004 at fulldetail or should I get a 9800 or




Is a Radeon 9600 Pro or XT powerfull enough to play games like FIFA and
NBA 2004 at high resolution, with decent FSAA/AF settings on (which
levels?), and with all graphical "whistles and bells" in those games on
AND still retain perfectly smooth, fluid framerates or will I need a
better card then like a 9800 Pro or FX5900 non-ultra?! I don't play many
other games besides sport games like those from EASports but I want to
be able to play them at best conditions, so I don't know if a 9600 Pro
or XT is powerfull enough then for those games. Please mention as much
details about at which settings you can play and retain smooth

You can download "Fraps 2.0.0 demo" here: which allows you to check which
frames per second you get in FIFA/NBA 2004 for instance. Also, what do
most people consider smooth fps. I believe most say 60+ fps. Is that

What's the limit with this 9600 Pro/XT cards for EASport games and what
will something like a 9800 pro or FX5900 non-ultra give you more in
these games?! Anybody who has both a 9600 Pro/XT and 9800 Pro or
something similar and can compare?!

PS: I also still wonder if it's usefull for these games to even turn on
FSAA and AF and which levels to choose, because of the performance hit
of those things?! Which levels (2x, 4x, Quality vs Performance, those
things) are recommended for both FSAA and AF in FIFA/NBA 2004 with a
Radeon 9600 Pro/XT vs 9800/FX5900nu cards?!

PS: my system will be a recent Pentium 4 2.8Ghz in case this info

Thanks in advance for all good feedback!


Brett Baisley

I have a Nvidia FX5200 and it works fine for NHL 2004, and that card is a
lot more powerful then mine, so I assume it would kick ass.

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